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By replacing poor quality audio recorded at concerts, clubs and festivals, with real-time pro-audio, straight from the mixing desk, your most cherished moments can be enhanced at the touch of a button.
Taking UGC to a whole new level, TagMix upgrades your clips with pro visual assets and provides track ID’s, with both streaming and social media links, helping fans Share The Moment, quickly and easily. 
TagMix not only amplifies UGC, we make it trackable, benefitting the entire music ecosystem. Whether you are an artist, a fan, a promoter, a venue or a rights owner, be part of the next big thing in UGC.
TagMix was a featured startup at the first Music Week Tech Summit in 2018, helping us connect with partners like O2, the lead sponsor.
We are pleased to be headline sponsor this year to showcase TagMix at this pivotal moment for the music business. 
We all know live music will be different when it returns. We believe digital engagement tools like ours will enable the shows returning to venues to reach wider audiences online and open up new pathways for the industry to engage with fans.
This virtual conference gives us the chance to see old colleagues and friends, make new connections, and find new partners.
Whether you’re an artist, label, promoter, venue, or rights-holder, we hope exploring a partnership with TagMix can be part of your take-away from Music Week Tech Summit 2021.
– Andy Dean, CEO and Co-founder

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